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By Coach Ryan Teems, Bass IQ  Many anglers see a fallen tree on the shoreline and move in to fish the trunk or immediate portion visible above the water line.  Sometimes these same anglers neglect to fish further off the bank where there is still plenty of cover present, but not visible to the naked...


Welcome to the Bass IQ High School Fishing App.  We’ve made some recent updates to the app menu to include a few new features.  Here’s a brief summary of the app menu for quick reference, but you’ll find more detailed information and some of the most asked questions below.     Frequently asked questions about...


State: Georgia School: Greenbrier High School Links to Social Media Accounts:  https://business.facebook.com/ghsfishingteam2017/ https://greenbrierfishingteam.teamapp.com/ Coach(es): D.J. Hadden How many members are on your team? 19 Year your team was formed: 2013 Tournament trails your team participates in: Georgia Bass Nation High School, Bassmaster Opens, FLW – Student Angler Federation Team Sponsors: We have approximately 64 sponsors...


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