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By Coach Ryan Teems, Bass IQ  Many anglers see a fallen tree on the shoreline and move in to fish the trunk or immediate portion visible above the water line.  Sometimes these same anglers neglect to fish further off the bank where there is still plenty of cover present, but not visible to the naked...

Matt Lee

The following article is part of the Bassmaster website. The original article can be found here. Several months ago I wrote a column about catching everything there was from an area. At the time I credited that approach for my being more competitive. I still give that approach the credit. It’s the biggest thing that...

FLW Tour Pros

The following article is part of the FLW Fishing website. The original article can be found here. Fishing brand Abu Garcia has added 14 new FLW Tour pros to its pro team roster. These top-ranking fishermen will be sponsored by Abu Garcia throughout the 2018 Season. As part of the sponsorship contract, the 14 pro anglers will...


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