Pro Pointers & TipsFishing Fallen Trees 

May 31, 20190

By Coach Ryan Teems, Bass IQ 

Many anglers see a fallen tree on the shoreline and move in to fish the trunk or immediate portion visible above the water line.  Sometimes these same anglers neglect to fish further off the bank where there is still plenty of cover present, but not visible to the naked eye.  

Don’t neglect what you can’t see! 

Even if you don’t have electronics that can show you what is under the boat, back off and imagine how far that tree may come out.  Where should the submerged limbs be in relation to the trunk, stump, and to where the tree fell?   Pitch a jig into that submerged cover, and hang tight!  Picking apart submerged cover like fallen trees can produce nice results.  

Never ignore good cover just because you can’t see it.

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