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April 9, 2019

Welcome to the Bass IQ High School Fishing App.  We’ve made some recent updates to the app menu to include a few new features.  Here’s a brief summary of the app menu for quick reference, but you’ll find more detailed information and some of the most asked questions below.



Frequently asked questions about the app:

What is the Bass IQ High School Fishing App?

The Bass IQ High School Fishing App was created in response to high school anglers across the country asking for their own platform to share their fishing profile and photos, connect with other anglers, college coaches, and schools across the USA, as well as having access to bass fishing content that was created just for them.

Who is the app for?  Who can use the app?  What does it cost?

The Bass IQ High School Fishing App can be downloaded from both app stores, and is free for all high school anglers in the USA, their coaches, parents, and anyone else with a sincere interest in high school fishing in America.

Is the app safe to use?

App users must be at least 13 years of age and have parental permission to download and use the Bass IQ app if under the age of 18.  Our privacy policy and terms of use are described in detail and can be found in the app (at the bottom of the Support & FAQ section from the menu).  We welcome and encourage the presence of parents and coaches in the app, and we have hundreds of “trusted reporters” in the app who help monitor for anything inappropriate.  Trusted reporters include adults over the age of 18 who are known and verified in the app, who are able to immediately remove any content they deem not suitable for our audience.  All app users have the ability to “report” a post they feel is inappropriate at any time as well.

We are serious about your privacy and security.  Spam is not tolerated and users who contact others in the app with content that is not related to high school bass fishing should be reported immediately to

Share only information in your profile that you consider public, as other app users can see your profile data by clicking on your user name/photo.

Why can’t I see who likes my posts in the app?

The app developer is building this feature into the app, and it should be ready in April 2019!

How do I edit my profile in the app?

To edit your profile details, bring the menu up by tapping the three small lines in the upper left corner of the screen (after opening the app).  From there, click your user name (top menu item) and you will see the option to edit profile.  To add or change your profile photo, tap the photo icon above where you see “edit profile”.

From this screen you can edit other app features by clicking the small gear (wheel) in the upper right corner of your screen.

We encourage all app users to keep their profile data up-to-date and accurate, as some awards and recognition are determined by data in your profile and it must be able to be verified.

What can I post in the app?  And where can I post it?

All app users can post appropriate content (bass fishing photos, videos, team photos, tournament information, tips, etc.) on the Bass Chat wall.

All other walls (feeds) require specific permission to post on.

Content that is published on the Raise Your Bass IQ wall is designed to be educational in nature (tips, techniques, how-to information, new product information, and more).  This content is created specifically for the high school angler.

Content posted on the Products & Deal wall is from our partners only, and will include discount codes, sale information, new product information, prizes and giveaways – all especially for our app users.

How do I report a post if I see something that doesn’t belong?

Any app user can report a post that contains inappropriate content by touching the three dots in the upper right corner of any post.  This is also how you delete a post you made, if you wish to do so.

How do I add friends, create groups, and communicate in the app?

Select Friends & Messages from the app menu.  Swipe until you see the option to Add Friend.  In order to add a friend this way, you need to know their user name.  Start typing their user name until you see the user name you’re looking for then tap that name.  You can also send a friend request by tapping their user icon (photo).

To chat with friends, or groups of friends in the app – select Friends & Messages from the menu, and tap “start chat”.  You must be friends in the app in order to chat or create a group chat.

The chat feature in the app is very responsive, and replies to your chat in the app will result in a notification being sent to you that a reply is waiting for you to view.  Teams can create groups and use this feature for reminders, and notifications.  Parents and coaches can create their own groups as well.  Connect with other anglers, coaches, and parents in the app this way.

The chat feature is private and Bass IQ nor any other user has access to your chat data, so if you encounter a spam issue in chat, please be sure to screenshot those issues and report to right away.

QUESTIONS ABOUT THE APP?  Ask us HERE so we can address it!

This information updated on 4/9/19

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