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February 12, 2019




We are a non-profit, 501c3 private club (affiliated with TBF).  Any student can join our club if they are in a high school, private school and/or home school in Osceola County.  We have divisions, which is their school name.  We have 10 high schools in our county.

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We have two-angler teams, with a captain.  We encourage our captains and board members to “coach” our anglers.  You can contact our Founder, Lamar Chisholm for more information:  407-908-9587, or e-mail osceolaanglers@gmail.com.

How many members are on your team?

We have 33 teams, for a total of 65 total anglers

Year your team was formed:


Tournament trails your team participates in:

TBF, FLW, Regionals and World Finals we have a few anglers in B.A.S.S., and we have our own touraments in local areas.

Team Sponsors:

We have 107 sponsors which are mainly local businesses.  We have many product sponsors: Fitzgerald Fishing, Culprit, Lowrance, CBass Lures, Enigma Fishing, Whoo Tungston.  More sponsors are on our website.

How do you raise funds for your team?

Fundraisers – we participate in local events, but mainly rely on our sponsors.

Is your team involved in any charity work?  If so, tell us a little about it

Yes, we do 2 car washes every season – Breast Cancer Awareness for Advent Health, and Back the Blue carwash for our county’s fallen officers.

Tell us anything else you’d like for us to know about your bass fishing team, or school:

Our anglers run the club.  We have an Angler Executive Board which consists of a President, VP, Secretary and Treasurer.  We also have committees (tournament, fundraising, captain, sponsorship, etc.), and we have an adult board to help guide the angler board in the right direction.  We let them run the meetings, tournaments, events – and discuss any issues that arise and problem-solve.  Our anglers compete for points and at the end of the season our top five teams will receive a scholarship.  Two of our anglers have gone to college on fishing scholarships (this is our main goal) – we have a female angler at SCAD and a male angler at Bethel University, both on the fishing team!


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