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January 29, 2019

By Karen Hall

(This is the first in a series of articles exploring the features of the new Bass IQ app)

The key to using social media to promote yourself, your team, and your sponsors is the #hashtag.

Gone are the days when this symbol (#) is simply the pound sign on your phone.  The hashtag is now so recognized that it was added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary in 2014.

Knowing how to use hashtags is essential to your success on social media, especially if you want to promote yourself or your sponsors as a serious angler.  Here are a few tips to help you along the way.


Don’t reinvent the wheel.  If you, your team, or your sponsors already have a hashtag, use that exact hashtag.  One of the best features of using hashtags is the ability to search for all posts using that hashtag.  This is especially helpful if you are promoting yourself, your team, your sponsors, an event or fundraiser, tip or technique.

If you’re not certain if the hashtag you want to use has been created yet, do a search in the platform you’re using.  Most all companies have a hashtag they created and use consistently, so be sure to use the right one if you want to get the attention of that company.   For instance, the Bass IQ hashtag is #bass_iq (not #bassiq as some would assume).  Always check before posting if you’re not sure.

On the Bass IQ app, popular hashtags will auto-populate when you click the search icon.  This makes it simple to see what people are talking about, and helps you find popular topics.

If you don’t already have a hashtag for yourself (or your team, or event, etc.) then create one, and use it in your posts.  Make sure you spell correctly, since creating a hashtag that is misspelled will result in confusion or poor search results.

Use the applicable hashtags in your posts.  Using a hashtag about your favorite crankbait will have no value in a post that has nothing to do with crankbaits.

Keep the hashtags clean and appropriate.  Suggestive or foul hashtags are frowned upon industry-wide and reflect poorly on any angler.


Hashtags are a very important tool when using social media.  Some social media platforms recognize hashtags from other platforms, and some do not.  Regardless of the platform you’re posting on, using consistent hashtags in each one will help with brand recognition (including your personal brand) and enhance others’ ability to find your content.

Industry professionals and companies who use the Bass IQ app will see when you promote their product using their hashtag.  They watch this kind of thing (no big surprise) and they find value in seeing what you share about their product.

Bass IQ is all about promoting high school and college fishing, and you as an angler.  Our mission is to provide you with useful information and resources to help take your fishing to the next level.

We encourage high school and college anglers in the USA to get the free Bass IQ app, and use it to enhance your exposure to other anglers, coaches, and fishing industry professionals.  Include hashtags in your posts to promote not only yourself, but also your team and sponsors.

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