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July 6, 2018



In 2017 Hunter Bland was a student at the University of Florida, pursuing a degree in Natural Resource Conservation.  He was  living college life to the fullest.  As an active member of the fishing team, Hunter and his partner launched their boat for a tournament on Lake Seminole in mid-January with one thing on their minds – bringing the most weight to the scale later that day.

Within minutes of take-off, Hunter and his co-angler experienced a terrifying, and potentially life-ending event that would forever change their lives.

A sudden hydraulic steering failure while traveling over 55 mph resulted in both occupants being violently thrown overboard.  A mounted video camera on board the craft captured the incident, and the footage is chilling.

“I’ve been boating for my entire life, and never once did I think something like this could happen to me,” Hunter said.  “The good Lord, a Mustang survival PFD, a kill-switch and my partner saved my life that day.  I was very blessed to walk away with only cuts and bruises, but it gave me a whole new perspective on life.”

Hunter is now a college graduate, a bass fishing professional, and a member of Yamaha’s National Pro Fishing Team.  He travels across the country sharing his story as it relates to safety on the water, and is a full-time touring pro.

Humble, kind and genuinely passionate about making a difference in the lives of others, Hunter is the kind of fishing professional all high school anglers can learn from.  Follow Hunter on Facebook and watch his story below.



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