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Meet Jacob Witkowski

2019 Bass IQ Coaches’ Choice Angler of the Year

A team of college fishing coaches across the USA have spoken.  The 2019 Coaches’ Choice Angler of the Year was selected from the nine Bass IQ Angler of the Month winners from this school year and the vote was unanimous.

Standout angler from Texas, Jacob Witkowski made it his mission to be “in the running for this award” from day one.   Even after winning the April AOTM, Jacob continued to be a strong presence in the Bass IQ High School Fishing App – interacting with other anglers across the USA, keeping his profile up-to-date, and posting content in the app on an almost daily basis.

Jacob is more than just a great angler.  He’s professional, kind, well-spoken, and he understands the value of a positive presence on social media when it comes to promoting his sponsors, school, team activities, and himself.

Jacob will fish as part of the team at Dallas Baptist University this fall.  He’s excited to get his college fishing underway and we expect to see great things from this stellar angler.

In addition to the $500 college fishing scholarship Jacob won as the April AOTM, Jacob will receive an additional $2000 scholarship and a $500 gift card from Land Big Fish.

Read Jacob’s Angler of the Month Article below…

When it comes to bass fishing, we all know Texas is full of big ones.   And when a high school angler speaks of his PB (personal best) bass being 8.83 pounds, your ears perk up and you instantly think “that had to come from Texas”.

Meet Jacob Witkowski, the high school senior and April 2019 Bass IQ Angler of the Month from Humble, Texas who has bragging rights on that PB.

When Jacob discovered the Bass IQ High School Fishing App and learned about the AOTM award program, he made it his mission to use the app daily and interact with other anglers across the USA inside the app.  He understood the value of using the app to promote his personal fishing activity, but most importantly the value of interacting with other anglers in a positive and supportive way.  Jacob often posted tips and techniques in the High School Bass Chat newsfeed, and he enjoyed making comments on other anglers’ posts that were always helpful and uplifting.

Fishing since the ripe age of three, Jacob says he started participating in tournaments with his dad around age five. “I love every second of it, and my intensity and love for the sport has grown continually”, says Jacob.

Jacob fishes fast and he fishes hard.  “I’m a total power fisherman.  My favorite technique is one I kind of developed on my own, involving a faster-sinking senko.  My foot never comes off the trolling motor, and I can cover and eliminate water fast!”  His favorite lake is Sam Rayburn as “any cast can produce a 13 pounder”, adds Jacob.  Sam Rayburn also happens to be where he caught his personal best AND where he finished 9th overall (in a 7,000 angler tournament) cashing a $3,000 check.

Jacob fishes a number of trails including THSBA, ESTX, DETX, FLW, BASS and SAF.  He generally competes within 4 hours of home, but he’s looking forward to traveling to new fisheries across the country to expand his knowledge of other lakes.  Jacob touts the benefits of using Navionics when scouting key areas for every event, and he also recommends checking local tackle shops “to see what they are currently sold out of” as this is often a great clue as what the hot baits are for that area and season.

As a member of the National Honor Society, Jacob works with several charity organizations in his community including Texas Adaptive Aquatics and the Lake Houston area cleanup and restocking events.

Jacob is an active member (and co-founder) of the Lake Houston Area Elite Fishing Team.  He will graduate on May 25th from Atascocita High School and has already signed to fish at Dallas Baptist University starting this fall.  He plans to major in business, and minor in criminal justice.  Working in the fishing industry as a pro angler is his goal, but working for the FBI is his second-in-line career choice.

Jacob wants to thank one of his boat captains, Charlie Parker, and his sponsors which include Gill, Favorite Fishing, Googan Baits, Skeeter, as well as a host of local businesses.  His parents are Keith and Michele Witkowski, who he says “sacrificed everything so I could make it to the next level, and I couldn’t be more thankful for them.”

We congratulate Jacob on his accomplishments, and predict the FBI will not be lucky enough to hook this guy.


As Angler of the Month, Jacob wins a $500 college fishing scholarship, a personalized padfolio, and a chance to be named the 2019 Bass IQ Coaches’ Choice Angler of the Year, awarded in May.

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Jacob Witkowski


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