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May 24, 20190

By Coach Ryan Teems,  Bass IQ

Hot summer days are upon us and we’re all in search of the BIG bass.  Higher water temps require a change in tactics if you want to maximize your limit this time of year.

When water temps increase, bass start searching for shade (much like we do).   When bass aren’t feeding on schools of shad, you can find them housed under docks, brush-piles, fallen trees, overhanging bushes… anywhere the fish find shade that brings the water temp down.

So how do you catch them once you find the right conditions?

Flipping and pitching a jig into these shaded areas is a technique all anglers want to master.

I like to use a 3/8-1/2ounce Scott Canterbury Flippin’ Jig by Dirty Jigs Tackle. These jigs are compact and really pull through the brush well. Your jig should imitate a tilapia/bluegill or crawfish pattern (depending on the fishery).

Keep your color choices simple. I like to use natural colors, like a green-pumpkin or a black-n-blue, depending on the water conditions. When it comes to trailers, I prefer something that has plenty of action, like this Berkley Powerbait Chigger Craw.  Match your jig and trailer colors for a more realistic appearance.

Plan to use a rod that has a good backbone for an adequate hookset.  You don’t want to get the winning bite, only to lose it on a too-limber rod.  I use a 7’6 Abu Garcia Villain, medium heavy action, paired with an Abu Garcia Revo X (7:3:1 Gear Ratio). Use heavier line so you can pull the fish out of that cover, like a 15-17lb Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon.

Power fishing with a jig can produce some of the best summer catches, so be certain your tackle box contains your favorite assortment!

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